March 15th 
Candle Lighting: 6:46pm

Twin Rivers Jewish Community

Build a  Home.  Grow a Family.
Moshav living in Twin Rivers, East Windsor, NJ 

No child is left behind in Twin Rivers Jewish Community.  In addition to Shalom Torah Academy’s exciting Judaic Programs, a vast array of Jewish youth programming benefits children of all ages, during the week, on Shabbos, and for specialty programs on holidays and throughout the year…. Essentially, 24/7!  While Twin Rivers may be a relatively small community, its youth programs for every stage of development have a large impact on its children.

Congregation Toras Emes teams with Shalom Torah Academy and Shalom Heritage Center for events and learning opportunities throughout the year.

In addition, TR youth enjoy other programs, including the below:

Junior and Senior NCSY

EVERYONE wants to visit Twin Rivers… the last NCSY Shabbaton enjoyed over 60 participants from around the Tri-State area.  Click here for the latest amazing NCSY Shabbaton!

Batya Girls Program

Batya is a girls social program for 6th grade and up.   Twin Rivers has its own active chapter, joining other teens from around New Jersey and Long Island.  Batya Reps come to Twin Rivers regularly for special programming.  Leadership “Build” Programs, “Shabbatyas”, summer trips, summer internships are all part of the Batya experience.

Chevrusa Programs and Continuing Fun

Tuesday Night learning, Avos U’Banim, Chill Zone, and wonderfully adventurous and fun programming for kids of all ages.  Shabbos Youth program as well.