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Twin Rivers Jewish Community

Build a  Home.  Grow a Family.
Moshav living in Twin Rivers, East Windsor, NJ 

Congregation Toras Emes

Congregation Toras Emes is the best kept secret in the tri-state area.  Located in Twin Rivers, a planned unit development (pud) in East Windsor Township, we offer a small-town Jewish community where all of your religious, social, cultural and educational needs are met under one roof.

Founded 25 years ago as a kiruv-based congregation, the shul has evolved to accommodate the needs of a very diverse group of congregants, while being faithful to Orthodox customs and Jewish Law.

We have an eruv, mikvah, school, and kosher shopping and congregants of all ages and stages in life.

What we have is a unity of kinship, rarely found in other, larger Jewish communities.  Here, "everybody knows your name".  Each person's simchas are felt and celebrated, and each person's contributions and talents are appreciated. 

Each family truly makes a difference.

Under the guidance and leadership of Rabbi Aaron Gruman and his wife Elkie, CTE has flourished with spiritual growth and Torah learning. 

 Our Shabbos programs include Daf Yomi for the men, frequent Women's onegs, . Our NCSY Chapter has won numerous awards.  Our holiday celebrations feature a yearly preparatory seminars for the High Holidays,  a Sukkah Hop for young and old, a Simchas Torah celebration, a Purim festival party, a series of Pesach preparatory classes, all night Shavuos learning, a Tisha B'Av seminar and Holocaust Memoriam.

The synagogue is home to the Mikvah of Central Jersey and an eruv that serves the entire Twin Rivers Community, as well as additional parts of East Windsor and Monroe Townships.  During the year we often have visiting scholars from giving lectures and schedule at least one Scholar in Residence Shabbaton. Kosher shopping is easily available via the Shoprite Kosher Experience, about 5 minutes from the community.

In addition to providing for all your religious needs Congregation Toras Emes has many family oriented programs including: a joint Lag B'Omer festival with Shalom Heritage Center and Shalom Torah Academy,  and many social events. Membership fees are reasonable, and Associate Membership is available for those outside the community eruv.