March 15th 
Candle Lighting: 6:46pm

Twin Rivers Jewish Community

Build a  Home.  Grow a Family.
Moshav living in Twin Rivers, East Windsor, NJ 

Visit for more information about Shalom Torah Academy.

Shalom Torah Academy in East Windsor is a Jewish Day School located right in Twin Rivers, and has served the CTE community for 30 years. STA provides an outstanding Jewish and secular education for children age 2 through the 8th grade. Before and after school care is available.

Shalom offers small and individualized classes. Year after year, students have achieved comparably high scores in all academic subjects on state and national exams. STA is a member of the National Honor Society.


Rabbi Yaakov Freedman, Principal

Mrs. Devirah Greenfeld General Studies Principal

(609) 443-4877 phone


Other Jewish Schools near East Windsor

Other elementary schools include Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion (732) 235-0042 Girls, (732) 777-0027 Boys), Rabbi Pesach Raimon Yeshiva (RPRY) in Highland Park, 30 minutes away via the NJ Turnpike, and Abrams Hebrew Academy in Yardley, PA.

Yeshiva high schools are located in Elizabeth (Bruriah High School and Jewish Educational Center) and Deal, NJ (Hillel Yeshiva HS, Ilan Yeshiva HS for Girls, Meor Yeshiva).

Yeshiva University is one hour away via the NJ Turnpike (to the George Washington Bridge).

Lakewood yeshivos are 30 minutes away by car.