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Twin Rivers Jewish Community

Build a  Home.  Grow a Family.
Moshav living in Twin Rivers, East Windsor, NJ 

Only 5 minutes away… Shoprite Kosher Experience

A full array of kosher needs can be met at the ShopRite’s Kosher Experience (for grocery shopping and take out), located on Route 130 only five minutes from the development. 

You can find Capri Kosher Restaurant and the Kosher Chinese Express are a mere 20 minutes away in Manalapan.   (Capri's owners live here in Twin Rivers!)  Mei Gardens Kosher Chinese, Jerusalem Pizza, Park Place Grill and other restaurants are only 30 minutes away in Highland Park, NJ.

Lakewood is only a 30 minute drive down Route 9 South, and will take you to a many dairy and meat restaurants, supermarkets, Judaica stores and clothing stores.